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a mark of bastardy

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As in Bend Sinister, an act of compassion serves in establishing the independence or authority of her creative agency.
But as opposed to the author figures in Bend Sinister and Broken, Costello does not have the power to grant him this solace.
Regardless of his placement on the diegetic map--whether he is the author figure in The French Lieutenant's Woman or Bend Sinister or a character in Broken--it is the male who interrupts, who transgresses the accepted borders of narrative stratification.
The term "author figure" is used throughout the paper to denote the fictionalized author, a category that will include both the dramatized narrator of The French Lieutenant's Woman and Bend Sinister and the author-characters in Broken and Slow Man.
Nabokov's use of the Latin pueritus scribendi (boyish writing) recalls Sterne's mocking (and often incorrect) use of Latin to emulate a pseudo-scientific discourse, a point made by Kermode with regard to the parallels between Bend Sinister and Tristram Shandy (80).
The novel is set in an illusory Central European country whose inhabitants speak both German and Russian, and a moment later an amalgamation of the two, making Bend Sinister less accessible to the common reader than many of Nabokov's other books; yet the occasional snatches of a foreign tongue are still a far cry from the weirdly looping sentences of Finnegans Wake.
36) In Bend Sinister Nabokov makes a deliberate and very successful attempt at reproducing Joyce's idioglossia, more precisely, the well-known river speech of the novel: "Lithe, lithping, thin-lipped Ophelia, Amleth's wet dream, a mermaid of Lethe" (114).
38) Critics have claimed that Nabokov's Bend Sinister is as much a dream as Finnegans Wake, in which the "I" of the novel is the dreamer of a dream.
Imperial Wax Solvent, the band's squillionth album release, continues their knack for albumtitles that sound like they've been created by pulling disparate words out of a drunkard's hat - see Bend Sinister and Hex Enduction Hour for other such odd examples.