bench warrant

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a warrant authorizing law enforcement officials to apprehend an offender and bring that person to court

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9, they filed an application requesting for the stay of execution of the order of the bench warrant and on Feb.
com/2016/08/09/tyga-arrest-warrant-court/) TMZ reported that his failure to appear added insult to injury, landing him an arrest warrant on top of a pre-existing bench warrant.
Issuing a bench warrant for Dhanji's arrest, the judge said: "It does seem like she's taken flight, at first glance, I must confess, from what you tell me.
A bench warrant was issued for the arrest of Wallbank, who is described as a 6ft tall white male with a West Midlands accent, but he has still not been apprehended.
Issuing the warrant, Judge Whitburn said: "I take the view this is a case for a bench warrant not backed by bail.
When Henke did not appear for the hearing, the court issued a bench warrant for his arrest, and sheriff's deputies found his body when they went to serve the warrant, according to local media sources.
The San Bernardino County Superior Court, in California, issued the EUR50,000 bench warrant on March 26 after Valenzuela, who has a long history of substance abuse, failed to appear for a pre-trial hearing.
But a bench warrant was issued when he failed to appear for a hearing at Liverpool Crown Court on June 27.
A bench warrant without bail was granted by Judge Tony Lancaster.
A judge issued a bench warrant for Viola's arrest on March 20 after he failed to appear in court for his drug case.
A bench warrant was stayed, but Judge James Gibbons said that if Campbell did not show on the new date, it would take effect.
Judge John Diehl QC had issued a bench warrant for his arrest last Friday.
The arrestee had been ticketed for not having automobile tags and insurance and had failed to appear in municipal court, resulting in the issuance of a bench warrant.
Joe Dafney, a 30-year-old African American, faced criminal charges three years ago for traffic violations after he failed to appear in court for a bench warrant issued in Los Angeles.
I went to the Bench Warrant section and requested to see the 'Jacket" on cases 48406 and 48407, for James A.