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As you can see, by using a variety of smaller vises, I can avoid over-stressing or damaging the small parts in my heavy bench vise.
There are all kinds of vises but all you need is a basic bench vise with a swivel base.
Over the years, I have mounted bench vises several ways, depending on my particular circumstances at the time.
In addition to a well-installed bench vise, you will need a few simple tools--a smooth-cut file.
I bought a plain old mechanic's bench vise and bolted it to my garage workbench.
Mine sits in a shallow wooden tray clamped in my bench vise.
Only a little experience will show you that one of the first tools needed by the hopeful gun crank is a good bench vise.
This is where the product truly shines for it is a definite hassle to pack up our usual "cleaning rest," a 50-pound bench vise with rubber-padded jaws.
A sturdy bench vise is invaluable for all kinds of maintenance and gunsmithing chores.