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a weightlift in which you lie on your back on a bench and press weights upward

a small punch press mounted on a workbench

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Many people think that bench presses alone will do the job.
Squats, deadlifts, leg presses, hyperextensions, ab curls or crunches are all recommended to complement those pulldowns, seated rows, dips or bench presses.
If you chose bench presses, perform 1 1/4 reps similarly, making sure you have a spotter and again using a lighter to moderate amount of weight.
LB Lee Martin, who transferred two years ago from Royal, bench presses over 400 pounds.
Speer fishing: Chaminade lineman Adam Speer, who bench presses 325 pounds and is one of the Mission League's strongest players, got an early workout before football practice started.
Why be doing bench presses if nothing in your job really simulates that?
The athletes can choose his workout regimen (4 or 5 exercises) from among the following 8 multi-joint exercises: squats, deadlifts, bent-over rows, bench presses, incline presses, dips, overhead presses, and upright rows.
As part of her four-day-a-week workout, which also includes cardio training, Guillen bench presses at least 500 pounds with her legs, uses 30-pound weights to exercise her arms and lifts about 80 pounds of weight working her back, she said.
He bench presses more than 300 pounds and has no problem lowering his shoulder and taking on would-be tacklers when he decides to run.
2 40-yard dash, bench presses 350 pounds and is receiving heavy interest from Division I universities.
This is a guy who bench presses 300 pounds and squats 400.
He bench presses nearly 300 pounds, Newcomb said, and runs a 40-yard- dash in slightly under five seconds.
Sometimes I wish I was a little bigger, but it's fine with me,'' said Estrada, a handsome, olive-skinned young man who bench presses almost 200 pounds.
Three days a week, Doris Wong faithfully works out with her trainer, doing bench presses, leg extensions, pull-downs and seated chest presses.
He's joined by Majdy Haddad, a 6-1, 260-pounder who bench presses 400 pounds - the most on the team.