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a surveyor's mark on a permanent object of predetermined position and elevation used as a reference point

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Laiba Faisal of Bench Mark School System presented a speech on the AntiNarcotic.
2) Bench mark operational practices, not just statistics
However, weakness in consumer durables, IT and FMCG sectors pulled down bench mark indices back into the negative territory.
Examples of these terms include "grade one public mixed-gender day school," "pivotal bench mark," nutritional and health status.
Global Banking News-26 February 2010-Rentenbank plans four year bench mark bond(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
Determination of Bench Mark Altitudes in the Newly Measured Levelling Line
At pounds 140,000 a week he sets a high bench mark for the also-rans such as Newcastle and Sunderland.
A Playbox spokesman said: "The Snow Queen has set a new bench mark for our winter productions.
Much of the care is government-funded--that seems to set a low bench mark.
Ikea's UK property manager Scott Cordrey said: 'This will be a bench mark for retailers.
Forty-five percent of the capacity of the total capacity of the bench mark is contained in ASU-1.
None of the West Midland universities reached their bench mark figure with Aston and UCE missing by five per cent and Coventry and Wolverhampton by four per cent.
Under California law, the 10-year bench mark is crucial for distribution of assets.
In response to this dearth in curriculum, Bench Mark Group -- an educational consulting, training and publishing firm -- introduced a series of books aimed at teaching these skills.
The goal is to have the database accepted as the national bench mark for subacute outcomes.