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a mountain or tall hill

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And she did not say it either in her hard little voice or in her imperious Indian voice, but in a tone so soft and eager and coaxing that Ben Weatherstaff was as surprised as she had been when she heard him whistle.
Well," said the shark, "we know these pirates to be a bad lot--especially Ben Ali.
And please make Ben Ali swim over here that I may talk to him.
Achmet ben Houdin, my sister's son, MIGHT escape tonight," he said.
Sheik Amor ben Khatour drew himself up to his full height.
Come, Ben, lad," said Seth, in a persuasive tone, "don't let's have a quarrel about it.
I binna frighted at Adam," said Ben, "but I donna mind sayin' as I'll let 't alone at your askin', Seth.
I see you are getting tired and stupid, Ben," said Mrs.
Well, but you must say what sort of a man he was first," insisted Ben.
When the story of her abduction and her final rescue had been told to Kadour ben Saden he extended his hand to Tarzan.
All that is Kadour ben Saden's is thine, my friend, even to his life," he said very simply, but Tarzan knew that those were no idle words.
No bars stood between Ben Bolt and this creature, and Ben Bolt charged him.
Bellying closer to the ground, Ben Bolt advanced upon him, creeping slowly like a cat stalking a mouse.
Many were the wit-combats," he says, "betwixt Shakespeare and Ben Jonson, which two I behold like a Spanish great gallion and an English Man of War: Master Jonson (like the former) was built far higher in learning; solid, but slow in his performances.
Ben Allen, who was dismally depressed with spirits and agitation, accompanied them as far as London Bridge, and in the course of the walk confided to Mr.