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Synonyms for bemoan



Synonyms for bemoan

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Nudds bemoans the tendency to assume that a disease which kills many animals necessarily holds the population in check.
Hook bemoans that many think of breast cancer as affecting only older women, and that it is often assumed that if diagnosed early enough, it is treatable.
Maybe Frankel needs a better trainer, for the bulk of Fallows's book bemoans just that--the news media's failure to inform its audience about the substance of different welfare-"reform" proposals, the impact of NAFTA and GATT, the successes and failures of various health-care plans, and so forth.
While CoCo bemoans long days in the hot sun pushing fast food roadside, Digital Max details his many powers in the digital world.
He bemoans the lot of the sub-continental workers making cheap clothing.
jazz players, Golson -- who just completed a commission for the Juilliard School of Music's 100th anniversary -- bemoans the state of live music in the nation's second-largest metropolis.
Yet they, and Bush's subsequent tax cuts, have been primarily responsible for the deficit that Greenspan now so piously bemoans.
Sir - In 'The Wednesday Essay' (October 13) Tryst Williams bemoans the fact that maternity pay of six months 'effectively means that women are lumbered with child care, like it or not'.
Debbie now bemoans the fact that she wasn't ever "reviewed as a singer until a few years ago.
Fox-Genovese bemoans the Supreme Court's decision, in Planned Parenthood v.
In a book that bemoans Phyllis Schlafly's remarkable success getting those same American women to help defeat the ERA, this seems a bit thin.
Writer Jin Yong Qin bemoans the era's lack of free expression, but doesn't seem too thrilled with the idiotic soap operas he's working on now, either.
Having broken up with his boyfriend, a fellow performer, Beaufils bemoans the size of his dating pool.
He bemoans the dearth of good family fare, but wants to pull the plug on Sesame Street, Nature, and even Barney.
FAA operations manager Ben Sliney, playing himself, orders the skies to be cleared and bemoans the lack of communication with the military.