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Synonyms for bemoan

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Rustin's words reach out to anyone who has bemoaned the gay rights movement's insulation from broader efforts for social justice.
While environmentalists have long bemoaned the ecological impacts of salmon farming (see "Our Living Oceans," cover story, July/August 2001), a recent lawsuit suggests there may be dangers to consumers as well.
While neighbors bemoaned the tenant's loud parties, aggressive, unleashed dogs and numerous vehicles, three of the tenants sat in a back row of the council chambers.
In the second foreword Alan Weiss quotes a critic of his own work, 'who bemoaned the abyss between practice and academia'.
The show is far from over," said Tom Plaskett as he bemoaned deregulation's fallout in 1991.
In my Editorial of January 1990, I bemoaned the relative paucity of practically useful, scientific information on how a material actually processes in an injection machine.
While estimating that 34 million people in the United States are more than 20 percent over their ideal weight, the panel bemoaned the lack of a good standard weight table that takes into consideration age, build and whether a 6-foot-tall 220-pounder happens to be a muscular football player or an idle endomorph.
Indeed, the notion of speaking to a customer service rep in Bangalore has quickly become an accepted, if occasionally bemoaned, part of daily life for many Americans.
Summary: Labour veteran Margaret Beckett has bemoaned the lack of women in Britain's new Government.
Evans bemoaned the fact Roms finished up as the losing side and said: "We were better than them.
Albion boss Dean Wilkins bemoaned his side's poor home form and asked: "Are we fearful of playing before our own crowd?
The Montgomery Advertiser in an editorial bemoaned Moore's actions and said the monument had finally found a "fitting place.
3 announcement that his club would be known as the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Moreno bemoaned the club's picayune local broadcast deals and justified the the polarizing decision to adopt a new team name.
As Whitley's shot crashed against the bar, I bemoaned our lack of luck to the person next to me.
ITEM: On The Progressive's website in early November, editor Matthew Rothschild bemoaned that the post-election landscape was "barren.