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Synonyms for bemoan



Synonyms for bemoan

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We bemoan that we've been assigned the shortest month of the year.
Publishers often bemoan, "I have a quality publication.
Cope: "People often blame the company and bemoan the fact that their efforts haven't been recognized or valued.
Then, he says, we bemoan the fact that the health system lacks funds and investments and that it is not innovative.
Ten years ago, in The Emblem and Device in France, Daniel Russell could justly bemoan the fact that "there exists no comprehensive study of the French emblem tradition" (14).
Professors of American literature frequently bemoan the fact that college students of the nineties often have little knowledge of the Black Power Movement and the Second Wave of the Feminist Movement, two social interventions that define the literary commitments of many contemporary writers and shape as well our viewpoints about the social commitment of higher education.
Those who presently bemoan a "decline in family values" have much' to learn fro these eyewitness accounts of what the "good old days" were really like: unrestrained sexual, legal, ecclesiastical and financial chicanery.
Handset manufacturers will continue to bemoan declining ASPs, but declining ASPs have become universal.
Now, if she would only bemoan the death and destruction of innocent people at the hands of those who want nothing less than the destruction of the state of Israel, Hamas and Hezbollah and their backers, maybe I would like what she says.
The recent market surge has not necessarily helped the situation, as smelter operators continue to bemoan an inability to pass on higher materials and energy costs.
Still, we can't help but bemoan losing one of the few remaining bastions for reading a book, a newspaper--or a magazine like this one.
But Frank Field does not just bemoan what is happening.
To some extent, a middle ground is found in the interviews he gathered in Hollywood, where highly successful movers and shakers such as actor Morgan Freeman and director John Singleton bemoan the lack of a black studio or their in ability to "greenlight" a project.
The first few months of a new baby's life should be a time for a woman to celebrate her new arrival, not bemoan the fact that they are holding up her precious career.
As a Vermonter who is "party to a civil union," there is much I could bemoan about how civil unions are not truly equal to marriage.