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valuable source of caviar and isinglass

small northern whale that is white when adult

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Takeaway gift of Beluga for two can be shipped depending on shipping location
This may in part explain why arctic species like beluga and bowhead have turned up in our coastal waters during 2015.
Only last week, during National Whale and Dolphin Watch, a beluga or white whale was spotted off the coast of Northern Ireland's County Antrim.
The fleet of five Beluga aircraft are the backbone of the Airbus oversize transport operation and deliver the wings assembled at Broughton for the A320, A330 and A350 families to the final assembly lines in Toulouse and Hamburg.
Ascent Integration will be responsible for providing a "turnkey" integrated assembly system incorporating all the assembly jigs, work platforms, transport systems, laser metrology, and tools required to assemble the new Beluga XL.
The Beluga has been in service since 1994 and its quirky design enables it to take the weight of a cargo hold of 1,400 cubic metres, equivalent to 671 people, 36 cars or seven elephants.
This first issue includes an update of the Cook Inlet abundance and trend time series through 2012, a synopsis of Alaska beluga whale prey based on stomach content analyses, an ethogram for wild beluga whales based on studies at Eagle Bay, three papers on the Yakutat Bay beluga group, and a novel beluga monitoring project conducted on the Little Susitna River.
The Beluga Razor is in the final design stages, and numerous prototypes have given the Beluga team confidence, primarily due to its open form factor that allows consumers to pick and choose from dozens of 3rd party double edge blades in order to select the blade that best suits their skin and budget.
The maximum payload of a Beluga is 47 tons and the hold it generates consequently helps the airplane to transport oversized cargo, as well as aircraft parts.
THEY grow up to 18ft long and weigh well over a tonne - but these beluga whales are packed in like sardines as they begin their summer migration.
Onlookers were spouting on four hours after the Airbus Beluga, named because of its resemblance to the native Arctic mammal also known as the white whale, touched down yesterday (right).
A lawsuit challenging petroleum exploration in Alaska's Cook Inlet has been filed by four groups, including an Alaska Native village, that claim seismic testing will harm endangered beluga whales.
Activity: The well has been drilled through the lower Beluga Formation.
Facebook is launching a standalone messenger application following their purchase of group messaging start-up, Beluga, in February, according to TechCrunch.