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lacking a belt


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Washers feature the world's first Direct Drive system, a brushless, beltless operation that provides a greater rate of reliability than conventional washing machines, plus less noise and fewer vibrations.
The Titan uses a beltless case similar in capacity to the .
The beltless CVT is capable of handling high output from 3-liter engines with more than 200 horsepower and 286 foot-pounds of torque.
338 Ruger Compact Magnum, one of the short, fat, beltless rounds that were supposedly going to make belted magnums obsolete.
I will have been marched sullenly through X-ray Alley at Kotoka Airport, beltless and clutching a fistful of trouser waistband whilst my untied shoelaces trail in the dust.
5L beltless petrol engine combined with an electric motor, which jointly would generate an output of 205ps when paired to an electronically controlled continuous variable transmission (E-CVT).
The fetal monitor is a small wearable wireless device that provides beltless monitoring of the mother and the baby in the womb.
Many long-range shooters are entranced by this beltless bruiser.
Also contributing to increased engine efficiency is a battery-powered water pump, a friction-reducing beltless design and precise coolant-water-flow volume control.
In addition, they will be equipped with enhanced electrification measures to include a beltless alternator and electric-powered cooling fans.
350 Remington Magnum, using bolt actions designed for short, fat, beltless magnums, and the actions fed the old-fashioned belted cases even slicker than they did the new alphabet magnums, whether WSMs or SAUMs.
Midwest Plains string tie, checkered shirt and tight beltless blue jeans considered so high place among the style conscious of the day" (Dick, The Man 18).
Pipeline Inspection says its beltless, lightweight SPY[R] Model 670 holiday detector assembles quickly and is easy to operate.
Already shoeless, beltless and waterless, more beleaguered air passengers will be holding their legs apart, raising their arms and effectively baring it all as they pass through US airport security checkpoints.
Beltless unitized holiday detectors from Pipeline Inspection Co.