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the material of which belts are made

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In the food industry, meat, fish or vegetable formed products need to be separated and spread prior to being fed into freezers, coaters and processing machines, or following the frying operation products need to be converged to narrower width beltings prior to cooling and packaging.
The Wire Belt Company's Flat-Flex belting is a unique design of woven wire belting which is positively driven by sprockets within the wire mesh so giving the system a great advantage over other types of wire belting.
Flat-Flex is the ideal belting for the chocolate enrobing operation, and is widely used for the chocolate coating of products for either full or half coat operations, pralines, bars and biscuits requiring a sprinkling of chopped nuts, coconut flakes or rice crispies can be sprinkled after the pre-coater or the main coater chocolate deposit.
Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) world wide build-in Flat-Flex belting as standard into a range of equipment, and installed conveyors are carrying products over 50 metre centres.
The belting lends itself to the packaging industry, being utilized for shrink wrapping and product handling.
This belting is manufactured from high tensile strength stainless steel or carbon spring steel in wire diameters ranging from 0.
Equipment manufacturers worldwide build in such belting as standard into a range of equipment, and installed conveyors are currently carrying products between 50m centres.
A range of custom-built conveyors, of all stainless steel construction, accommodating Flat-Flex belting, can be produced to exact requirements.
is 100% comparable to SIC 3052 Rubber & plastics hose & belting