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the material of which belts are made

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Tensioned Versus Non-Tensioned Food Grade Conveyor Belting
This buildup can also change the tension of the belt, which can result in shorter life of the actual belting and other components, like cleaners.
We study the application and then recommend the belting best suited for each application," he comments.
IN HIS 1990 LIKENESS AND PRESENCE, Hans Belting offered a magisterial narrative of the social, political, and religious contexts of imagemaking in late antiquity and the Middle Ages while adamantly refusing to view the creations of that time through the conceptual lenses of artistic autonomy, individual expression, and historical progress that developed only later.
To reap the best possible benefits from the technology, the Huff Creek team also added a belt-storage unit to speed adjustments to belt length, and a belt-splicing system to make the addition and removal of belting extremely efficient.
This kind of belting provides customers with more belting options, allows for longer length conveyors, and provides the user with more convenience and ease than ever before.
At Redland Stone Products' San Antonio operation in Texas, for example, expensive repair or replacement of steel-cable belting on long load out and held conveyors often resulted from belts drifting into their supporting steelwork, sometimes with catastrophic damage.
A straight butt splice commonly is used on polyester belting material and today offers the extra strength needed for high-pressure belt grinding.
Also available are heavy-duty aluminum conveyors, which include options such as adjustable side rails, parts diverters, enclosures, sweep arms, specialized belting materials, discharge chutes and hoppers.