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the buckle used to fasten a belt

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30 /PRNewswire/ -- John Sorter of Watauga, Texas was named the Mega Buckle winner during the "Dodge Mega Livin', Mega Givin'" biggest belt buckle contest at the State Fair of Texas Friday, Sept.
today announced it will inspect 20,198 Porsche Cayenne sport utility vehicles sold in the United States and Canada to determine the condition of the pins that hold the rear seat belt buckles in place.
Anybody who is going to invest in a $90 belt buckle is probably already a true believer," says University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato.
Dealers will install a new seat belt buckle assembly that does not contain an energy-absorbing loop.
In this test, a 30mm ball, which is meant to simulate an elbow, is pressed against a seat belt buckle.
When the suit was filed in 2000, three fatalities had been linked to Gen 3 seat belt buckle unlatchings.
A voice recording at DaimlerChrysler's toll-free number today, set up in response to the ABC story, continues to claim that the Gen3 seat belt buckle is safe.
As Few and other plaintiffs' attorneys unravel the mysteries of why some buckles do better than others, they discover that patent literature reveals that seat belt buckle and vehicle manufacturers have known for years that simple design changes can make buckles less susceptible to failure.
DALLAS -- Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Warns Drivers When Vehicle Lap/Shoulder Belt Buckle is Not Engaged When Using A Booster Seat
During the last six months, at least three law suits involving seat belt buckle "inertial unlatching" have resulted in awards against Ford and General Motors ranging from $1,800,000 to $5,000,000.
Awards presentations take place on Sunday, including a gold and silver David Yurman belt buckle and a jeroboam of Louis Roederer Champagne to be awarded to the Grand Prix winner.
belt buckle and belt with vinyl stitched Elvis logo, a jukebox
The Belt-Minder system will use a safety belt usage sensor located in the belt buckle to determine whether a driver is buckled up.
Bomb squad personnel later discovered that the item was a belt buckle with an image of an explosive device on it, said LAX spokeswoman Gaby Pacheco.