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a small pouch (usually with a zipper) that attaches to a belt and is worn around the waist

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Accessories: Introducing The Rucksack in gabardine-constructed nylon; The Belt Bag -- Square; The Belt Bag -- Oblong; Cut-out ankle boots and strap sandals; Oversize cat-eye sunglasses
Maxfli have built their reputation on developing innovative products and the unique design of the Belt Bag transfers the weight from your shoulders to the hips, reducing stress and fatigue on the lower back.
Our belt bags are about the joy of less and the liberation inherent in living life hands-free," explains Rachel, who, at 22, is the youngest.
For the first time, a hands-free, shoulder-free belt bag is sophisticated as well as practical, providing the sensuous elegance women have always wanted in a waist bag.
The slim cargo jacket with a removable belt bag makes toting keys to and from the gym a snap.
Free belt bag with every purchase of Regal cigarettes (200), pounds 14.
shell long sleeve / short sleeve, long pants, dress, skirt, jacket, jacket) and belt bags as detailed in this tender document.
Dupre, notes that "The partnership with MTV will allow us to create exciting S>>M sports and travel related products, incorporating cutting edge designs throughout the full spectrum, from sports bags and travel accessories to belt bags, backpacks, briefcases, luggage, attaches and personal leather goods.
The thief demanded the belt bags James and Irene, a cook, were wearing.
Under the terms of the agreement, Grand Toys will distribute Pyramid's product line, which includes backpacks, handbags, duffels, belt bags, small leather goods, umbrellas and rainwear, throughout Canada on an exclusive basis.
Belt bags are great for all ages for keeping money close and safe while on the move.