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We have created a belt along our coastal borders to practice a full monitoring of the borders and territories ruled by the Islamic Republic of Iran," he told FNA.
He heads the TTP faction based in Bajaur, at the northeast end of the Pashtun belt along the border.
Dune 7, one of the highest crests in the dune belt along the coast, is also a major attraction as it has a number of picnic sites and is popular among visitors who love para-gliding, sand boarding and quad biking.
At the landing points of Playa Larga (code-named Red Beach) and Playa Giron (Blue Beach), the swamp is 5-8 miles wide, and edged by a narrow dry belt along the shoreline forming a very rough surface of limestone covered with thick tropical forests and bushes.
Carla Bramble, 45, a resident on the A44 leading into Oxford where cameras are currently off, said: "Cars used to slow down but now they belt along as fast as they like.
Resident Carla Bramble, 45, said: "Cars used to slow down when they saw the camera but now they belt along the road as fast as they like.
Cleverly, who proudly displayed his new EBU belt along with his British and Commonwealth titles before Wales' Six Nations clash with France, has always said he would love to fight at the Millennium Stadium.
All previous development in the research park has been south of the tracks and away from the green belt along the river.
The government announced last month that it plans to create a world-class eco-tour and peace belt along the DMZ and also seek to designate the area as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.
But Pakistani authorities say the military may soon pursue similar operations in other parts of the lawless tribal belt along the Afghan border.
The military is now engaged in a fierce offensive in the northwest tribal belt along the Afghan border, where the core Taliban leadership and Al-Qaeda-linked militants are holed up in the rugged mountain terrain.
You have to win every domestic belt along the way and you're beating every top-ranked domestic fighter, which is a tough call.
EU President Mary Robinson has had to tighten her belt along with everyone else
SHIA LaBeouf is the hottest star of his generation right now with the two Transformers blockbusters under his belt along with Raiders of the Lost Ark IV and Eagle Eye.
David Semple, aged seven, who gained his Taekwondo black belt along with TST Martial Arts Club members based at his school (from left) Garry Jones, Jack Butler, Mason Ell-Lawrence, Georgia Ali at the grading in Carlisle.