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Synonyms for belowground

under the level of the ground


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underneath the ground

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The contribution of belowground carbon addition from roots was calculated as:
Belowground diversity is essential for the aboveground ecosystem functioning.
These plants were significantly taller and had higher above- and belowground mass than donor plants in the shade and control treatments (Fig.
Located belowground in Koreatown--an area of LA that was once a glamorous shopping district--the spa is accessed through a now-defunct, beautiful old department store.
Much of the project work is civil in nature, which includes belowground mainline investigations and repair, trenching to repair and/or replace cathodic protection systems, and right-of-way maintenance.
While creating monitoring system for mining area, besides aboveground, belowground and aerologic measuring, it would be very effective to create means and methods of space-air sensing of the Earth's surface.
Descend belowground and admire the caveas walls which are all beautifully illuminated by spotlights, before ordering a refreshing drink and sinking into one of the loungers.
Davis Brody Bond are the architects of the belowground Museum and Snohetta designed its entry pavilion.
The study was carried out in Taita Taveta District during the wet cropping season, which occurs between March and May, of 2008 as part of the larger United Nations Environment Programme--Global Environment Facility (UNEP-GEF) funded project: Conservation and Sustainable Management of Belowground Biodiversity (CSM-BGBD) project.
The recalcitrant academics could also play billiards and read trashy magazines in peace in this belowground leisure den.
Results indicated that Albizia did produce significantly more nodules when grown with Ailanthus and allocated more resources to belowground biomass.
Due to its early stage of growth, the organic orchard probably had less belowground biomass, which would result in lower soil carbon levels.
As belowground plant development and root extension of woody plants is slower, more consistent and less likely to be affected by cool soil temperature, install them now.
Meanwhile, nearly 30 miles away and 32 feet belowground, lights began to blink at Launch Control Center K-1, one of fifteen launch centers surrounding Whiteman Air Force Base.