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a scar where the umbilical cord was attached

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But if I remember correctly, she, too, has a bellybutton.
Place your fist against their belly just above the bellybutton and below the rib cage.
One cannot expect a story which juggles together a gingerbread man whose pockets are stuffed with money, Mr Gum who wears a couple of beetles and a photo of a shark in his beard and Monsieur Bellybutton, the smelliest man in the world, to produce a story which feels the need to explains itself as it goes along.
Once you are satisfied that the area is covered, all you need to do then is wrap your thighs, or if you are trying to target your hips and bum, your whole midsection beneath your bellybutton, with the bandages provided.
1 put my arms around her from behind, found her bellybutton to landmark and then started doing my thrusts with one hand over the other fist.
His arch enemy Louis Walsh has left X-Factor, Ray Quinn has told the world how"sweet" the judge is, and waistlines that cover your bellybutton are back in fashion.
What was actually collected and photographed bellybutton lint--navel-gazing in a monumental manner--attracted curious on-lookers into the Eyelevel Gallery.
Kyle XY'' (right) A mysterious teen appears from out of nowhere to search for his missing bellybutton.
Girl Stories contains mild vulgarity, bellybutton piercing, heavy petting and some serious French kissing.
Much of French cinema is about looking at one's bellybutton.
On game days, says Simon, the End Zone Sports Cafe is "elbow to bellybutton people.
We stayed up night after night laughing and arguing, and eventually we came to a point where we knew we would never agree on exactly what causes homosexuality or whether Adam had a bellybutton (some things are best left unresolved), so we decided to go ahead and give our vision a shot.
We had to see them all dressed up," said Deana Beyerlin, who planned to get her fifth piercing - her bellybutton - done on Saturday.
The last vocals as robust as The Thrills' were those of Jellyfish on Bellybutton, four lush, vibrant, contrapuntal lines effortlessly blending in rapturous ascension.