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I suppose it's indelicate to bellyache that gay people are being mainstreamed just the way black people and Latin people have been: The conventional beauties make it to prime time; the "real people" don't even qualify for reality shows.
Biocontrol work on bellyache bush started in 1997, with field surveys focusing on the drier islands of the Caribbean and the Venezuelan coastline.
Bellyache Butte is a fortress-like hunk of real estate.
Since surgery and anesthesia always carry risks, we don't want doctors to start cutting up everyone with a bellyache.
the lair of the evil Bellyache, who wants the legendary Pearl of Wisdom
Conflicts over logging are giving managers a bellyache as people's sentiments shift from timber to other forest values.
And in a report to be published in ECOLOGY OF FOOD AND NUTRITION, Johns and Martin Duquette of McGill describe their laboratory simulation of an unusual culinary tradition of the Pomo tribe in California, showing that clay added to acorns during cooking binds and breaks down bitter-tasting tannins from the seeds, thus preventing a possible bellyache.
A flimsy plot provides five central characters with myriad opportunities to bellyache about their millionaire's lifestyles, surrounded by gorgeous, scantily clad women and designer labels.
GARY ANDERSO0N survived bellyache to move to the brink of the Betway Premier League play-offs.
Buried in old Choctaw History Archives and interview transcriptions, the story of Chukfi Rabbit's Big Bad Bellyache found its way to the author from Choctaw language records dating to the 1930's or older.
It's when you have a headache and a bellyache at the same time", she called from the back kitchen, breaking off momentarily from her duet.
Now there are many things that I do not take part in or get something out of, but one thing I do not do is bellyache about these services being paid for from my council tax.
Now it needs to avoid a bellyache from swallowing its larger rival.