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land on the underside without the landing gear

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Zaranj Airport chief Inayatullah Yaqubi confirmed to Pajhwok Afghan News the belly-landing incident that involved the Defence Ministry aircraft happened at 12 noon.
The plane itself gently lost altitude in flying orbits and finally, after just missing the church tower, made a pilotless belly-landing that left the plane intact.
He still has the logbook which shows that during this time he crashed an Avro Anson by belly-landing the aircraft.
After a picture-perfect, arrested belly-landing on centerline, news coverage ended with the crew and passengers safely egressing the aircraft in an orderly column--exactly as procedures dictate.
The president of Canadian aircraft maker Bombardier's manufacturing unit has expressed regret in a recent interview with Kyodo News over a Bombardier DHC8-Q400's belly-landing at Kochi airport in March last year.
Bombardier says five belly-landing cases involving DHC8-100 planes have been reported from across the world since the aircraft went into service in the 1980s.