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land on the underside without the landing gear

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Zaranj Airport chief Inayatullah Yaqubi confirmed to Pajhwok Afghan News the belly-landing incident that involved the Defence Ministry aircraft happened at 12 noon.
Over the loudspeaker came a crackling voice: "There was a lot of belly-landing in World War II and you just got to see what that was like.
He still has the logbook which shows that during this time he crashed an Avro Anson by belly-landing the aircraft.
After a picture-perfect, arrested belly-landing on centerline, news coverage ended with the crew and passengers safely egressing the aircraft in an orderly column--exactly as procedures dictate.
The president of Canadian aircraft maker Bombardier's manufacturing unit has expressed regret in a recent interview with Kyodo News over a Bombardier DHC8-Q400's belly-landing at Kochi airport in March last year.