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dive so that one hits the water with one's belly

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The fearless bridge divers of Betws y Coed taking an unexpected gold for synchronised belly-flopping at the Beijing Games?
Finally, he found a method that worked: flopping down on the tube with all the grace of a belly-flopping walrus.
Makes a change, I suppose, from belly-flopping at every ground in Scotland.
A belly-flopping guillemot is a sight to behold but some of the chicks don't make it as far as the sea.
All seven of the Clark children learned from him, exuberantly belly-flopping at the local Y.
The ZSL London Zoo will see more creatures come down with Olympics fever as the Animal Athletes programme continues, with these belly-flopping penguins giving a fishy flavour of what is to come.
You know how it is - one day you can fly, the next you're belly-flopping to the ground with all the style and grace of a hippo.