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dive so that one hits the water with one's belly

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However, kennelmate Droopys Agassi belly-flopped coming out of the traps rendering his trial virtually meaningless, especially in terms of the time, a pedestrian 16.
When this little blonde beauty came outside during lunch hour, I carried my sled back about a mile and a half to get a running start and belly-flopped on it right in front of her.
All 18 on board were saved when the machine belly-flopped on to the water.
He belly-flopped coming out of the stalls the last two times so we've done a fair bit of work with him," he said.
The Queen Mother herself went on race day just once, back in 1956 when her horse Devon Loch famously belly-flopped on the home straight with the race seemingly won.
I remember her being very nervous and she wouldn't talk about Devon Loch - the Queen Mother's gelding who inexplicably belly-flopped under Dick Francis whilst leading in the 1956 Grand National.
He is believed to have accidentally belly-flopped into the water and started to drown as the rest of the party looked on in horror.
On the same weekend the Pathfinder allegedly belly-flopped on Mars, 50,000 people went to Roswell, N.
Six yellow cards, three for each side, had already been flashed by referee Alan Wiley when Carlisle's Reeves belly-flopped on top of prostrate keeper Dykstra, pushing his head into the turf.
THE crew of an RAF fighter jet yesterday told of their miraculous escape from their plane which belly-flopped during a dramatic 200 mph crash landing.
THE launch of a pounds 6m swimming pool has belly-flopped after an alcohol licence was refused.
Anthony watched in horror as Patrick Kelleher, 18, belly-flopped, surfaced with his face down and started sinking.
A free-for-all started when Reeves belly-flopped on top of the prostrate Dykstra, pushing the on-loan keeper's head into the ground.
It is thought the aircraft belly-flopped, through a furniture shop and slid on to embed its nose in a three storey flat block.
The singer belly-flopped through a challenge, dodged spiders, was scared by the trials and gadgets hidden inside his beloved teddy bear Hummy were rumbled by bosses in the first week.