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dive so that one hits the water with one's belly

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The left-hander said he woke up Monday and ``felt like I got hit by a truck,'' one day after his belly-flop came up short on Logan's bunt, leading to a seven-run third inning.
With The Games back on Channel 4 for a third series, many viewers can't help but remember the hilarious moment that Bobby launched himself into a painful belly-flop from a high diving board.
Nimble and quick Yashi, in multi-colored combat pants and a headband, immediately hurls himself--in a spectacular belly-flop off the top of the corner post--straight at Iwasa, in tight black shorts and boots.
Rather than risk a belly-flop, the first boy held his nose and jumped in feet first.
Readers learned about phone sex, belly-flop contests, and a couple who held their wedding at McDonald's.
It was not foreseeable that someone would attempt to carry out a dive or belly-flop and thus suffer grave injury.
SONNY Parker insists the dive-bombing Ospreys are not heading for a European belly-flop in Swansea this afternoon.
A group of friends out shark fishing off Bude, Cornwall, saw a large fish jump out of the sea and belly-flop back in on Tuesday night.