belly flop

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a dive in which the abdomen bears the main force of impact with the water

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That would go into the category of special sessions caused by belly flops.
Mondelez employees jumped in the deep end at the Belly Flop Splash Event, in a Cadburyinspired purple pool, swimming 32 lengths each.
The plane that made the belly flop landing Saturday was a Dutch-made Fokker-100 carrying 113 people.
TUMMY 3 TROUBLE Neil Lennon's belly flop in midweek leads to a Celtic injury crisis
CUTLINE: Russell Toedt of Worcester belly flops, and Josh Goldfarb of Auburn cannonballs, into Lake Quinsigamond during the 11th Passion Plunge to benefit Special Olympics.
This year's award for the most spectacular brand belly flop goes to Nestle and the Boost Juice Bar chain for their joint attempt to take on Innocent with a new grocery-focused smoothie range.
Watching a grown man do a belly flop must be in the top-ten most entertaining things to view in this world, and I'm jolly good at them.
Initially a bit shy to dip his big toe into the city's cesspool, Bandini eventually performs a belly flop when he meets Mexican barmaid Camilla (Salma Hayek).
She tried to imagine herself doing the most graceful dive ever done by a ten-year-old, but all she could picture herself doing was a big belly flop.
Evidence of my belly flop through the underbrush along the riverbank may still be visible today.
If he wasn't dumping over his kiddie pool, he was taking a running start, from across the yard, to belly flop right into it.
Belly Flop Armageddon Banner-Game Makes a Splash with PointRoll Fans
Long took a flying leap, his 335-pound body doing a belly flop onto the car.
Last time was notable for Bobby Davro's belly flop, a homesick Gail Porter bursting into tears and Mel C doing serious damage to her knee during judo.
Having finished second a year ago this was a belly flop for Liverpool who paid mightily for a mid-season collapse in which they took but five points out of 33.