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a Middle Eastern dance in which the dancer makes sensuous movements of the hips and abdomen

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WOMEN across Huddersfield are getting their hips moving at belly dancing classes.
Birmingham Belly Dancing said its sessions are suitable for both sexes and all ages, abilities and fitness levels.
The 30-year-old mum has been belly dancing for three years after seeing an advert in a local newspaper about an Egyptian belly dancing class in Hartlepool, run by Kay Taylor.
Blyth Sports Centre is holding tribal belly dancing classes every Monday from 6pm until 7pm.
In the Middle East, belly dancing is not a form of entertainment but a fun activity practiced by men, women and children.
There were retro musical numbers--Denver's Burlesque As It Was gave the nod to Sweet Charity with a high-kicking "Hey, Big Spender"--and belly dancing interludes from Seattle's scimitar-wielding Gun St.
The festival, at the Parochial Hall of St Bartholomew's Church on Clough Lea, will also feature tarot reading, belly dancing and home-grown food.
We also organise social outings and events, including Haflas, which are Arabic belly dancing parties.
PENSIONERS at a Hudders field care home discovered the sedate way to enjoy belly dancing.
A NEW belly dancing class is offering people the chance to have fun while getting fit at the same time.
Teenagers in East Cleveland have been learning how to shake their way to success via belly dancing lessons
And I know a lady called Mora who is an expert at belly dancing.
joked one woman as we strutted our stuff in a new belly dancing class.
Emma discovered her own passion for belly dancing three years ago after joining a class in Guisborough.
She teaches belly dancing and pilates in Cardiff and lives in Splott with her boyfriend, Alun, and five-month-old daughter, Megan.