belly dancer

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a woman who performs a solo belly dance

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Safinaz has soared to fame in Egypt, becoming the country's most celebrated belly dancer in recent years.
In the film, I'll be playing the role of a belly dancer.
The most important thing for a clever belly dancer is her ability to move her hips and thighs in time with the music," says Somaya as she applies make-up before the performance.
Among those providing the entertainment free of charge were the band Dementia, The Punjab Arts Bhangra Group, Samba drum band Batteria Acid, steel band Ocho Rios, Chinese lion dancers, and local belly dancer Dieta Hubbard.
The final episode in the current series has Pamela going undercover as a belly dancer, complete with traditional .
According to Najwa, there are no more real belly dancers in Egypt aside from Egyptian controversial belly dancer Dina , and all others are mere performers.
Jackie, aged 35, who runs the Abbey Clinic in Earlsdon, said: "We have booked the Habibi restaurant in Far Gosford Street which serves Middle Eastern food food to suit all tastes and have been promised three or four belly dancers.
Among them is the drama starring Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe "Mawlid Wa Sahbo Ghayeb", in which Haifa plays the role of belly dancer.
believed to have been addressed to cross-dressing belly dancer, Kemal.
Natasha Senkovich, a professional belly dancer, leads the way.
We are keen to introduce more people to Arabian music and culture and have asked Nadia, our belly dancer to perform at Bonds.
Egyptian belly dancer Lucy stated that she has no intention of
Egyptian belly dancer Dina said that she is the last of the best belly dancers
Holly Mistine, a 25-year-old model and professional belly dancer from Los Angeles, said travel expenses are cutting into her earnings.
Powell's royal court includes a 17-year-old opera singer who pairs German librettos with a punk rock guitar solo; a failed Rose Court contender whose one-liners are like honeyed knives; a belly dancer who uses two swords in her routine, though she has yet to learn how to swallow one; and two naughty 1980s enthusiasts who were only toddlers when Madonna was still like a virgin.