belly dance

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a Middle Eastern dance in which the dancer makes sensuous movements of the hips and abdomen

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Most belly dancers perform with two different belly dance costumes and two folkloric garments.
The second part critiques the discourse about tipping within the American belly dance community, in which tropes of economic necessity, patriarchal power dynamics, personal empowerment, and cultural difference highlight central conflicts in this continually morphing art.
There are touches of humour, such as the belly dance teacher being a hippopotamus.
Meital learned how to belly dance from an Egyptian teacher in a London dance school and believes that "through cooperation between dancers we can achieve peace," Egypt's al-Masry al-Youm reported Israel's Hebrew paper, Maariv, as saying.
But now, after losing a massive 11st 4lb, she'sanexercise-loving super-slim size 12 gran who loves to don her costume and belly dance for fun.
Here Sophie gives the lowdown on some of her belly dance moves.
Not the Hollywood kind in which barely clothed women in sequins and pushup bras dance seductively until even James Bond raises an eyebrow, but the kind in which women fill classes at gyms, YMCAs, recreation centers and places such as the Visions of the Nile Belly Dance School in Akron, Ohio.
Pregnant women are being taught how to belly dance to help them keep fit before their baby is born.
The outfits worn during belly dance performances are called bedlahs, which are made of glass beads.
Tribal belly dance also nurtures positive group dynamics.
A history of belly dance moves from artistic and spiritual insights to physical movement, with chapters focusing on both health benefits and routines.
Belly dance teacher Nancy James, also known as Najmes, who leads the workshop, began at the age of four when her mother went to classes in the 70s.
Though the dancing flames have subsided somewhat, today belly dance classes continue to be taught here periodically by Simons as well as by some of her former students.
Their 3-part video series, The Sensual Art of Belly Dance, takes you through steps that form a true Egyptian belly dance.