belly button

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a scar where the umbilical cord was attached

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Pricing for these belly button altering procedures can vary, however.
The therapist and I were just talking about where to go from the initial appointment and she touched her belly button.
Maybe some of us need to get busy pursuing a better inspection program to track the presence of Staph bugs in food instead of sitting around picking lint out of our belly buttons.
He summarised it as "you're more likely to have Belly Button Fluff (BBF) if you're a male, older and hairy.
Traditionally, these organs have been removed by making three incisions in the torso as well as the belly button.
The ability for the surgeon after the procedure to remove the port and allow the natural contours of the belly button to hide the surgical incision.
Wash your belly button with a handful of sea salt in the shower every day and try an anti-fungal over-the-counter cream such as an athlete's foot ointment.
First, start with your right hand on your belly button and your left hand on your right hand.
For the perfect panty fit, measure around your hipbone, about two inches below your belly button.
Mr Lopez was having difficulty breathing and so he did what any sensible bloke would do under the circumstances: put a needle into his belly button and drained three litres of fluid from his lungs.
She even gets her belly button pierced just for the chance to exhibit it.
The sculpture's "body" isn't right, it's super- and/or antinatural: Too long, thin legs willow up from strange toeless feet, which are joined to a base made of the same nacreous fiberglass as the figure itself; elegant arms end in witchy digits of all one length; shallow chest, dainty nipples, inny belly button, uncircumcised cock, spume of pubic hair, strangely small buttocks combine into something not simply human.
Abdominal hollowing--to strengthen the transversus abdominus, pull your belly button toward your spine.
I'd love to get my belly button pierced," says Britney **, 13.
To treat endometriosis of the belly button, try the Leonardo DiCaprio procedure.