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Synonyms for bellwort

any of various plants of the genus Uvularia having yellowish drooping bell-shaped flowers

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Within the first mile or so, hikers see masses of large-flowered trilliums on the slopes, as well as wake-robin, bellwort, and Dutchman's breeches.
Commonly called bellwort or merrybell, it's a hardy perennial member of the lily family and a native of North America.
In the woods, wild strawberries and bellwort have golden blossoms.
This transition week to the Season of Late Spring ushers in Jack-in-the-Pulpit Season, Miterwort Season, Wild Phlox Season, Celandine, Meadow Parsnip, Wood Betony, Wood Hyacinth, Fleabane, Spring Cress, Nodding Trillium, Larkspur and Bellwort Blooming Season.