bells of Ireland

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aromatic annual with a tall stems of small whitish flowers enclosed in a greatly enlarged saucer-shaped or bell-shaped calyx

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5) Kim Cutler places stems of bells of Ireland along the perimeter to establish the line and contour of the arrangement.
Wants: Mexican hat, prairie astor, scented geraniums or mints, blue Russian sage, red bergamot (bee balm), globe thistle, bells of Ireland, Irish eyes daisies, fuller's teasel, compass plant, anything unusual
Spring meadows of tulips, alstroemeria, lily of the valley, freesia, bells of Ireland, forsythia, liatris, daffodils, muscari, hyacinths and roses completed the woodland scene.
The garden, which is generally closed to the public, is looked after by a team of cathedral gardeners, who cultivate a range of flowers including dahlia, roses and bells of Ireland.
The wedding was of classic Southern design, incorporating rich vibrant summer flowers of purple, raspberry, and chartreuse hydrangeas, Bells of Ireland, vibrant summer zinnias, Cayman coral and bright fuchsia Gerbera daisies, purple and magenta Vanda orchids, purple lisianthus, and citrus orange and Lady Red roses that were used throughout the wedding and reception.
Moluccella or Bells of Ireland is one of the best, with tall spikes clothed in fresh green bell-like bracts.
Or, if you prefer something more unusual, why not grow the half hardy annual Molucella or Bells of Ireland.
Roses and chrysanthemums remain popular decorating standbys while bells of Ireland, poinsettias, tulips, lilies, amaryllis and irises bring differing colors and textures.
Lush arrangements of white hydrangeas and stock, Bells of Ireland ivory and coral roses, Queen Anne's lace, and greenery accents were uniquely arranged in family heirloom silver pieces.
ADRIENNE SAYS: Bells of Ireland, Mollucella laevis (above), can be used fresh or dried in arrangements.
Get sowing lots of annuals, including begonias, celosias, Arctotis, alyssum, gerbera, marigolds, nemesia, bells of Ireland, Gailiardia cleome and sweet peas.
The reception flowers all echoed the buffet centerpiece of white delphinium, white hydrangeas, Yelloweem lilies, Maureen French tulips, Oceana peach roses, white snapdragons, and Bells of Ireland.
Bells of Ireland, Molucella laevis, don't come up to the nicotiana's shoulders but have their own unique impact ( spikes apparently covered in bright green flowers.
Featured on each table was a two-foot vase with an arrangement on top of each vase of baby green hydrangeas, white hydrangeas, and coral peonies, Chablis mini garden roses, Juliet and Antico Amore, peach garden roses, white and peach stock, bells of Ireland, and a variety of spring-colored roses in white, cream, coral jade, and peach.
The vestibule and altars were adorned with arrangements of roses, gladioli, bells of Ireland, snapdragons, oriental lilies, and Van Dyk tulips surrounded by foliage.