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Synonyms for bellower

someone who communicates vocally in a very loud voice

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This week the godhead bellower was spending time on the phone saying nice things to Jo Whiley.
The likeable midfield man insisted: "I'm not a bellower.
Following on, the stage is stripped for a highly sensitive Italian duo of trumpeter Enrico Rava and pianist Stefano Bollani, but the evening's highlight will probably be the lovably infantile Dutch drummer Han Bennink with 'special guests' who will almost certainly include German bellower Peter Brotzmann on a variety of reed-horns.
After we've sacked Haynes, to show that we mean business and fully accept our responsibilities, we employ someone with a tremendously loud voice and have them trained up to be a first-class bellower (Barry Dennis, perhaps).
For now, USC wants to keep the announcers on board, but this switch could mean the eventual sacking of Lee ``Hacksaw'' Hamilton (not his real name) as the play-by-play bellower.