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At present, the issue may be moot as Benjamin Netanyahu belligerently insists that no amount of international pressure will lead Israel to stop its attack until the goals of the military operation have been attained.
His political style is somewhere between Juan Peron and Benito Mussolini, belligerently anti-foreign and over-the-top dramatic: he has been known to arrive at rallies riding on a thoroughbred horse.
During a four-and-a-half hour deposition video recorded last week after one of his bodyguards was accused of roughing up a photographer he swore at a court official, belligerently made fun of the lawyer and then threw a spectacular hissy fit after being questioned about a personal relationship.
In lieu of acting belligerently, the Chinese leadership has opted for a much more inventive and subtle strategy.
The pre-Melaka period is synonymous with the pre-Islamic past and is demoted into insignificance in Malaysian museums, partly because of "a negative if not belligerently hostile, perception in some quarters of the earlier Hindu-Buddhist period" (p.
Furthermore, the institute recently benefitted from the protection of tribes and Islah Party affiliates in the area, which have opted to respond belligerently to limit the Houthi's influence in Sa'd.
The miffed finance minister reacted by belligerently talking of walking the reform path all alone.
The Afghans, in reply to the total, started belligerently with Mohammad Shahzad and Nawroz Mangal determined to make a game of it.
For one thing the Chinese do not speak belligerently, and instead always look to resolve problems through "mutual respect" and "understanding," and things of that sort.
In the protest program leaders, activists and supporters of many political parties including Sindh Taraqi Passand Party (STP), Awami Jhamoori Party (AJP), Labor Party Sindh, Communist Party and some other people's organizations took part very belligerently.
Yet he belligerently carried on in the mistaken belief that if he threatened people enough, they would cough up.
But even a belligerently right-wing newspaper criticised the authorities for ripping tents apart and dismantling stalls "with more enthusiasm than might have been necessary against certain protestors, some of whom were in their 50s and 60s and presented no threat".
For instance, the sequence in which Mario and Nancy dine at a Chinese restaurant, clueless as to the nature of spring rolls or wontons--a marker of cultural provincialism, like the grubby Bim-Bam-Bum cabaret with its outdated cancan numbers--begins with the back of Nancy's head belligerently blocking our sight line to Mario's face.
In this instance, it becomes more evident that when you dance belligerently in a chicken outfit, you also make enemies.