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With Iran's antagonism toward Israel as vocal as ever -- a belligerence Tel Aviv created almost single-handedly with its own hostile policies -- and with Hamas waving a friendly hand to Americans this week, along with Syria's Bashar Assad also making overtures at Washington, one can hardly escape the conclusion that the tables are slowly turning against Israel.
In his Ben Jonson: A Life (1989), David Riggs shrewdly described Jonson and Marston as "enemy twins" who wanted to occupy the same space in the literary and social hierarchy and who needed to invent or exaggerate differences in order to rationalize their mutual belligerence.
Announcing that Iran is legally entitled to develop nuclear energy, George Galloway, also criticized the hypocrisy of Israel`s belligerence towards Iran, which has its own illegal stockpile of nuclear weapons, IRNA reported.
I'm bothered by a "World Wresting Experience" belligerence that has been infecting The Gay & Lesbian Review lately, possibly in desperation or reaction to perceived increased homophobia as reported by increased propagandistic media stirring Americans up for the next elections.
Maybe you thought some of the same things, if you're a sports fan and you're weary of the weekly reports of shootings and gun arrests, of belligerence and irresponsibility, of violent tendencies spilling off the field and onto the street.
Belligerence and aggression will rarely succeed, whereas patient determination and sticking to principles can.
Johnson's ineptitude and the Southerners' continued belligerence pushed moderate Republicans to the left, resulting in a more radical Reconstruction than might have happened otherwise.
US officials have made it repeatedly clear that Washington's belligerence against Tehran has been motivated by Iran's denial for the very existence of Israel in the Middle East.
Described as boisterous to the point of belligerence, the band will be bringing their own lascivious brand of rock `n' roll mayhem to the Toon for one night only as part of their first headlining tour.
Bush's belligerence may leave the mullahs still firmly in charge--clean undergarments and all.
Trained coders scored the videotaped interactions using the Specific Affect Coding System for such factors as affection, humor, interest, validation, positive listener, anger, belligerence, contempt, and negative listener.
The closest we got to any belligerence was Peter Hook from New Order who came on looking like he'd just spent half an hour applying Germolene to Big Mo's farmers.
Arjen Robben and substitute Joe Cole both scored to notch Chelsea's win after Pompey's belligerence and guts had matched the Premiership leaders' guile for most of the way.
com website, Falwell has responded to the Americans United complaint with belligerence and misinformation about federal tax law.
The Muslim-Christian relations in our area are shaped more by belligerence than understanding," says Edward Lim, a leader of Salam who runs an elementary school in the city.