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It also seems likely that the Chinese leadership is becoming increasingly aware of the dangers and limits of its bellicosity and, thus, would now like to place new emphasis on the political dimension of its approach to Taiwan.
militarism abroad makes it difficult to exaggerate his bellicosity (an enthusiasm he shares with the current administration, alas).
The English supporters are in a sense High Tory traditionalists, the repository of the sort of flag-waving bellicosity that ought to have died out around 1918.
For the Razer Boomslang 1000 & 2000, high-performance computer mice for the pc gamer that utilize the client Karna LLC's proprietary light beam-encoder technology, Fitch conducted extensive user and market research to better understand the players' complicated movements and pleasure-seeking bellicosity.
Jones--who voted for the 2003 Iraq War--has publicly repented, and has become a key congressional anti-war leader, taking Obama to task for bellicosity on Libya and Syria.
While financial sanctions will remain a powerful coercive tool of American statecraft, they can only be effective if combined with other instruments of American power, including more credible presidential bellicosity.
Were it not for the bellicosity of the previous president of the United States who was also one of their principal benefactors against the elected government of the Palestinian people, one would have mistakenly thought but would have been forgiven for thinking that perhaps Israel would finally seek people with the people they had oppressed for so long, and return some of the land stolen from under them.
The Senate majority leader, whose unscripted attacks can veer into bellicosity and take liberties with facts, spoke on the Senate floor last October and appeared to blame billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch for the government shutdown.
The provisions of the Geneva agreement confer benefits on a state that has a long history of deceit, duplicity, bellicosity and xenophobia.
Look at the plain bellicosity and belligerence in the speeches and campaigning of BJP's prime ministerial candidate.
The preponderant majority of Sunni Muslims are anti-Takfeeri and Nasrallah's bellicosity could only be construed as a veiled threat to the whole Lebanese body politic, Zahra exclaimed.
British and French bellicosity gives way to acquiescence.
In person O'Reilly sheds his on-air bellicosity but maintains the forward energy of a barreling freight train.
Palestinians don't fire rockets on Israel out of a feeling of insolence, or arrogance or even pugnacity and bellicosity.
The bellicosity could start on the first day of his presidency, when he has vowed to list China as a currency manipulator-a pointless provocation to its new leadership that could easily degenerate into a trade war," warned The Economist.