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written and regarded for aesthetic value rather than content

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According to this schema, nature writing is formed in the intersection of three marginally overlapping types of texts: scientific texts, belletristic texts, and pragmatic texts (Tuur, 2007).
Though she was struggling financially to support herself and others at the time she wrote the Vindication, Wollstonecraft does not use that fact to justify her imposition on the reading public as belletristic contemporaries like the poet and novelist Charlotte Smith did.
Yet discussions of the Conrad-Naipaul succession that stress either the cartographic or the ethnographic theme, as it were, tend to be superficial; they remain tied to Bandung-Conference topics such as "race," "the Third World," "colonialism," or "exploitation" (all vintage 1955 and of Marxist pedigree) that provoke much emotional heat but shed little philosophical or belletristic light.
Rare for a revisionist analysis, this essay not only rejects comfortably belletristic readings of Hazlitt but also qualifies the alternative reading.
The belletristic gossip Abbe Giuseppe Baruffi proved to be "a priest that even a Protestant can respect.
A discussion of the second canzone, "Donna pietosa e di novella etade," long recognized as paralleled in content by its accompanying prose, but distinguished from it by the use of artificial, rather than natural narrative order, adopts belletristic criteria that the first chapter had admirably transcended.
Through her pointedly belletristic, mixed genre writing, Krog extends the audience that the mass media at the time of the TRC were able to reach, (3) nevertheless, the authorial narrator questions the ethical validity of this project.
28) Looking over these pieces, one is struck by the contrast between, on the one hand, the Herald's consistent editorial viewpoint on world events, including the Versailles Treaty, the Allied incursion into Soviet Russia, and the British state's postwar social and economic policies, and, on the other hand, Sassoon's jocular and belletristic columns.
Germans translated 2,058 belletristic works from English--English-speaking people only 38 from German.
But Burke's Shakespeare biography ends not with the belletristic triumph of Prospero, but Shakespeare's recovery of his professional balance in the mixing of pastoral images with the imagery of trade in Cymbeline.
Proud of itself, smug in its inventiveness, secure in its ivory tower of belletristic taxonomy, the world of literature rocked along, and all were content: any example of writing obviously exhibited certain characteristics and thus could readily be distinguished as an instance of a specific genre on the basis of these very characteristics.
This new definition held that literature was a belletristic discourse,
13) Sixteenth-century Renaissance humanism, associated with scholars such as Petrarch, Erasmus, Montaigne, More, and Bacon, denotes an emergent program of belletristic learning that spawned what today we call "the humanities.
While the vast majority of the offerings in the Rosenbaum volume are in the nature of non-fiction analyses, a few employ belletristic, liturgical, even comical tropes to communicate the horrors of a renewed antisemitism.
Since Plato and Aristotle, and especially since Henry James, the topic of narrative has been addressed by literary practitioners, belletristic and journalistic critics, scholars, and theorists in a diversity of fields ranging from philosophy to folkloristics; sometimes the object of interest has been a particular narrative work, at other times it has been various features of a corpus, while at others the universal nature of narrative has been postulated as a possible object of inquiry.