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creative writing valued for esthetic content

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The writing of each letter typically follows well-established local belletrist habits and a script that is repeated from one letter to another.
This isn't the decision of some snob or belletrist.
Long before Fazlur Rahman's approach, the ninth century belletrist, al-Jahiz (d.
Strachey's reputation as a biographer and belletrist was well established by the time he published this work in 1921, but Queen Victoria was sensationally successful, selling out the first five thousand copies in Britain on its first day and going through four printings that same year; in the United States, it proved even more popular, going through seventeen printings during the 1920s (Holroyd 495).
By that time, at the age of thirty-seven, he'd already achieved the status of Russia's leading young belletrist, his volumes of short stories published, praised and wreathed with awards, his career as a dramatist evolving.
As poet, jazz critic, playwright, and belletrist LeRoi Jones makes transparently clear, jazz, like revolutionary black nationalist ideology, springs from the most oppressed stratum of United States society, the Negro working class, the "blues people," in the author's felicitous phrase [LeRoi Jones, Blues People, 1963].
99) and it was written 93 years ago by a Canadian called Arnold Haultain and you may guess at the quality of the writing when you note that the jacket describes Mr (the deferential prefix is essential to describe an author of his eminence) Haultain as a belletrist (look it up.
Ultimately, Outis is unmasked and the metaphoric self-definition of his novel--and of himself--turns out to be an intentional reaffirmation of the contempt that Outis has and professes for the belletrist atmosphere of his country.
IABC's estimable belletrist Kathleen Much e-notes "Alden, it might be time to cover the homonyms jell and gel in your CW column.
Depending on his audience, Ahmad will cast himself as a Muslim, a nationalist, a political theorist, or a belletrist, but he is always confidently, unapologetically tribal.
A student of Blackmur's, and a writer on high culture (music) for the Nation, it would also be easy to see Said as a belletrist.
Marina Warner describes Il Pentamerone, a collection of fairy tales by seventeenth-century Neapolitan belletrist Giambattista Basile, as "exuberant excesses" which "unroll in a great cartwheel of narrative.
Coming from a doctorate on postwar American fiction, and having had some awareness of the cultural renaissances that were occurring in Canada and Australia in that decade, I was taken aback by the miniaturist and belletrist trickle that seemed to be the local equivalent.
35) In addition to being a statesman, he was a poet, belletrist, patron, and scholar.
Through the eyes of belletrist Abigaill Franks, Rock shows us tradition and enlightenment in direct conflict; the intermarriage and alienation from the community of two of her four surviving children indicates that negotiating Jewish identity in the New World was often challenging and not always successful.