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Synonyms for belle

Synonyms for belle

a person regarded as physically attractive

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a young woman who is the most charming and beautiful of several rivals

References in classic literature ?
Of course we meant the young man," exclaimed Miss Belle, laughing.
It's evident Daisy isn't out yet," said Miss Clara to Belle with a nod.
Quite a pastoral state of innocence all round," returned Miss Belle with a shrug.
She did not finish her speech, for Belle shook her head at her and broke in, saying kindly.
I shan't let anyone see you till you are done, and then we'll burst upon them like Cinderella and her godmother going to the ball," said Belle in her persuasive tone.
On the Thursday evening, Belle shut herself up with her maid, and between them they turned Meg into a fine lady.
Come and show yourself," said Miss Belle, leading the way to the room where the others were waiting.
Take your silver butterfly, and catch up that long curl on the left side of her head, Clara, and don't any of you disturb the charming work of my hands," said Belle, as she hurried away, looking well pleased with her success.
I'm nowhere beside you, for Belle has heaps of taste, and you're quite French, I assure you.
To complete her confusion, she saw Belle nudge Annie, and both glance from her to Laurie, who, she was happy to see, looked unusually boyish and shy.
Poor girls don't stand any chance, Belle says, unless they put themselves forward," sighed Meg.
We all go to the afternoon concerts, and have a gay time, and Belle and Trix are to be there to-day; so just keep quiet, and everything will be all right.
Belle and Trix were there in full dress; and, in the pauses between different pieces, Messrs.
The Belles are now 57 ladies strong and still taking in new members who share their love of singing.
It was a nervous start for both teams, with the Belles going close on several occasions in the opening stages.