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someone employed as an errand boy and luggage carrier around hotels

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His final project was installing a bellboy memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas.
The money was raised last month when the Movenpick Hotel Bahrain hosted bellboys from all the top hotels to compete in a race with their trolleys.
My eerie escort led me through an old boiler-room to the doors of the service elevator, where a leering bellboy ushered me inside, reminding me not to forget my room key.
The Lady Janet who is, bizarrely, teetotal amused herself for much of the time chasing bellboys down the lavish corridors of our relocation the super swish Aventura Palace.
The bellboys are talking the race up, the waitresses are talking the race up.
American bellboys expect a buck a bag - that's about 65p - and in South Africa it's half that.
wants to open the city's first full-service hotel by then to house the more discerning guests who demand room service, bellboys and the other little luxuries of hotel life.
They are regular guests, except they get paid to gorge themselves on room service and run bellboys ragged.
THE nation's bellboys are in training toshow off their skills manoeuvring around obstacles and carrying luggage, allwhile keeping smiles on their faces.
Sd Abdul, a human resource director in one of the concerned hotels is reported to have complained of a lack of professional drivers in the hotel sector, with hotel employees such as bellboys and laundry staff also functioning as drivers.
Bellboys take people up and down Diarmuid's garden in lifts, with the option of a stainless steel tube to slide back down.
In 1956 I saw Billy Eckstine at the New Theatre, then Tommy Steele was at the Olympia and Freddie Bell and the Bellboys were on the same show.
Femme Fatales and Shady Bellboys Bring This 'Video Game Book' to Life
I mean, I'm happy enough with a bag of chips and a DVD, but what I really want to do is kick bellboys and ramraid Tiffany's in my limo.