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someone employed as an errand boy and luggage carrier around hotels

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I liked Mr Dropsy & the BellBoy and wished that the show could be repeated over and over again.
Howard Nelson devoted his life to the doomed liner and was in the process of trying to install a memorial to the Titanic's eight bellboys when he died on May 17.
But you were guaranteed a job from that school - that's how I was to become a bellboy.
Meanwhile, the bellboy claimed he only carried luggage to guests' rooms.
The bellboy at the hotel: "Congratulations for the baby
He left school at 17 and helped support his relatives by working as a bellboy, postman, camera salesman and taxi driver.
Speaking over the weekend, after militants had gunned down a hotel bellboy and injured couple of others, Abdullah, who was inaugurating a development project, said certain adverse elements were hell bent upon disrupting peace and progress of the state.
Twenty-year-old Sam Smith (Craig Roberts) works as a bellboy at a luxury five-star hotel but he secretly dreams of owning a restaurant.
McCann was the brainchild of Harry McCann, a former hotel bellboy, journalist and salesman who went on to become a copywriter at the Amsterdam Advertising Agency before being headhunted by Standard Oil to run their in-house ad department.
It was only an hour later, after repeated calls to reception and finally to the operator with demands to speak to the manager on duty that a bellboy was sent up who had the cheek to ask me if I needed help with my handbag and a food bag sitting on the dining table.
on a violin-shaped barge pulled by two little men in bellboy uniforms.
The only romantic thing about it was the overfriendly bellboy, the pool was more aptly described as a dirty puddle in a car park and the panoramic views were of an abandoned 1960s tower block.
Dunbar won Best Leading Actor for his role of 'Charlie' and Ingleby took Best Supporting Actor for his part of the bellboy.
It's a plot push that vaguely reminds you of Blame It On The Bellboy .