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Synonyms for bellbottom

(of trousers) having legs that flare at the bottom

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A white trouser suit had bellbottoms and a fur jacket.
In "Dark Shadows," Depp plays Barnabas Collins, a vampire awoken from a 200 year slumber in the year 1972, only to find himself in culture shock as he catches up with trends of the time like bellbottoms, lava lamps, and Barry White.
While Ash is in a flower print dress that gives the feel of the 80' s, Akki wears a blush pink floral print shirt topped off with checked bellbottoms.
Many of the boys wore their blue Air Training Corps uniforms, some attended on certain days in matlo's bellbottoms and jumpers if they were sea cadets and, here and there, items of service dress like khaki or blue pullovers were seen.
Big baldy head and bellbottoms, what more can you ask for?
Express yourself" in these flirty lace bellbottoms.
Depending on your customer's specifications, improving your castings' surface finish could be the smoothest move you've made since bellbottoms were cool.
Fatback organ, dreamy synth burbles, gutbucket trap drumming, pounding congas and cow bells, guitars with wah-wah, tripped out dubby echo, fuzz, and sitar effects will all remind you of 'fros, bellbottoms and platforms, but in a healthy way.
Dig up your platform shoes and bellbottoms as the Associated Builders and Owners of Greater New York travels back in time to the 1970's for this year's Dinner Dance.
So the '70s weren't just "Stairway To Heaven" and bellbottoms.
Spence asked for the clothes, including old leisure suits and bellbottoms.
I never studied Vietnam in school, and in the small Michigan town where I grew up, hippies and teenagers wearing bellbottoms were "weirdos" to be feared.
The display is divided into five chapters: "Poets and Dreamers" (the tie-dyed velvet cape of '60s folk rocker John Sebastian, Jimi Hendrix's black silk-satin bellbottoms, and Bruce Springsteen's flannel shirt); "Idols" (Elvis and the Beatles); "Brilliant Disguise" (David Bowie, Elton John, David Byrne, and Mick Jagger); "High Style," a glittering medley of evening wear and big-name designers that ranges from the Supremes to Madonna; and "Rebels.
The late sixties and and early seventies: love beads, platform shoes, bellbottoms, sit-ins, Woodstock, and -- as a welcome antidote for those aesthetic abominations -- the ballet boom.
Golden clearly appreciates her long days, since all of that running about town enables the svelte, 100-pounder to slink into her trademark bellbottoms.