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any of several tropical American birds of the genus Procnias having a bell-like call

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The Rockface mineralisation is on a separate mineralised trend that has been traced for over one kilometre and is delineated by a ferruginous schist with malachite occurrences that is parallel but north east of Bellbird mineralised trend where there is already a substantial resource established.
There seemed genuine sadness in his eyes as he explained Uluru's spiritual meaning to the Anangu Aborigines who've lived beneath it for 22,000 years, and how clambering all over its sacred ground is as disrespectful to them as Lungkata was to the bellbird brothers when stealing their meat.
As well as the walks, we enjoyed an evening slide show explaining the history of Binna Burra, and indulged in a bush breakfast in Bellbird Clearing followed by a swift skim over the grassy slope on a flying fox.
An occasional robin, a sudden whirring of wings, the clear, melodic call of the bellbird.
These forests are also home to more than 19 natural plant communities and rare birds such as the king vulture, the bare-throated bellbird and the large macaw.
Construction will commence on the remaining four schools being delivered at Redbank Plains, Springfield, Caboolture North East and Bellbird Park later in 2015.
The announcement follows recent updates on a new high grade copper zone to the west of the Marshall Deposit, high grade copper results 6km south at the Bellbird Deposit as well as the discovery of a previously unknown copper-gold zone (Chubko Prospect) to the south-east.
Golden Thunderbolt took advantage when the leader, Bellbird, broke down after two out in the handicap hurdle.
Of course at this stage I can't possibly say what their treatment would involve but I know I've only got to hear the call of a bellbird to feel 100 per cent better, so I imagine there would be trips to the country (good for the rural economy) as well as participation in the diverse night life that has made our capital such a happening place.
All surface, making explicit that narrative is a conventional game not an imitation of reality, fully accepting of and using the elements of popular culture, even equipped with a self-satisfied bellbird that sings a mock-Manhire poem and has not 'heard of the death of the author' (16)--the book could hardly be more postmodern.
Over the next four years schools will also be built at Redbank Plains, Springfield, Caboolture North East and Bellbird Park.
Kentor Gold reports operating results at the Jervois project's Bellbird deposit (page 2)
JIMMY McCARTHY partnered his 21st winner of the season when Rene Robeson's Bellbird just got the better of Elenas River in a driving finish for the novice handicap hurdle.
A three-wattled bellbird waggling and booming to impress a female may be the best friend a tropical fruit ever had.
Genetic evidence supports song-learning in the Three-wattled Bellbird Procnias tricarunculata (Cotingidae).