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Synonyms for belladonna

perennial Eurasian herb with reddish bell-shaped flowers and shining black berries

an alkaloidal extract or tincture of the poisonous belladonna plant that is used medicinally

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The album was compelling and utterly fresh to the 1985 music fan with its speedy rhythms, savage riffs, blistering solos, punishing drum work and a killer melodic performance by Belladonna.
But it's called belladonna (beautiful woman) because Venetian girls put the oil in their eyes to dilate the pupils in a "come hither" look.
Author Visit Suzanne Palmieri, author of "The Witch of Little Italy'' and "The Witch of Belladonna Bay'' will visit, 3:30-5 p.
Ladies in the 17th Century used eye drops made from the poisonous plant belladonna to dilate their pupils in order to look more alluring, but prolonged use often lead to blindness.
Since the government turned to belladonna, calcarea and tuberculinum in 2000, incidence of Japanese encephalitis (JE) and deaths due to it have drastically come down.
A newcomer this year is Lauren Haworth who plays Belladonna the bad witch.
As Joey Belladonna has stated, “I can't wait to rock Europe with all of these metal legends
Most of our autumn-flowering bulbs are from South Africa and Amaryllis belladonna is perhaps the brightest and most gorgeous of them all.
Calendula officinalis, Atropa belladonna and Sulphuricum acidum are homeopathic remedies which have been purported to be beneficial in wound healing and conditions affecting the skin, however, to date, no research has been conducted on the use of these remedies for DD.
Three nightshade members that we use frequently for intense children with ADHD are Stramonium (thorn apple), Hyoscyamus, (henbane), and belladonna.
The description on the purple and black bottle lists the fragrance's ingredients as "tears of belladonna, crushed heart of tiger orchidea with a black veil of incense, pulverized apricot and the combinative essences of saffron and honey drops.
Operation Belladonna targets youngsters drinking in parks in an attempt to cut down on anti-social behaviour and protect them from falling victim to thieves who see them as easy targets.
Reunited with Joey Belladonna - the high-pitched vocalist from their head-banging hey-day - the classic line-up including Scoot Ian, right, (minus diminutive guitarist Dan Spitz) are returning to Cardiff to relive the riotous memories of their 1987 Among The Living tour on which they first kicked the collective bottoms of the capital's long-haired music lovers.
Y cemegau gwenwynig ydi atropine - Atropa belladonna ydi ei enw gwyddonol o - a hyoscyamine.