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Synonyms for belladonna

perennial Eurasian herb with reddish bell-shaped flowers and shining black berries

an alkaloidal extract or tincture of the poisonous belladonna plant that is used medicinally

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The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has concluded that the medicines have been found to contain inconsistent amounts of belladonna alkaloids that may differ from the calculated amount on the products' labels.
The Boston Review, Spoon River Review, StoneCutter, and The New Republic have published her poems, and her book Visualize Comfort: Healing and the Unconscious Mind is forthcoming from the Belladonna Collaborative/Wide Reality in summer 2017.
com)-- Raritan Pharmaceuticals, a contract manufacturer for Homeolab USA, is voluntarily recalling homeopathic products containing belladonna extract (see products below) due to the potential for variation in the content of belladonna extract in the products.
A good witch, Belladonna, falls in love with Arriman and attempts to become an evil witch.
The danger is that these teething drugs contain belladonna, a substance that has medical uses but, at higher doses, can be toxic.
Called Belladonna Jane (belladonna is another name for deadly nightshade), the label features a chilling beak-like medieval doctor's plague mask that would have been filled with aromatic herbs and was designed to safeguard the wearer from the putrid miasma thought to surround invalids.
But it's called belladonna (beautiful woman) because Venetian girls put the oil in their eyes to dilate the pupils in a "come hither" look.
Since the government turned to belladonna, calcarea and tuberculinum in 2000, incidence of Japanese encephalitis (JE) and deaths due to it have drastically come down.
Most of our autumn-flowering bulbs are from South Africa and Amaryllis belladonna is perhaps the brightest and most gorgeous of them all.
Falco, the handsome artist with whom she shares a past, just happens to be the artist-in-residence for the Belladonna.
Operation Belladonna targets youngsters drinking in parks in an attempt to cut down on anti-social behaviour and protect them from falling victim to thieves who see them as easy targets.
Reunited with Joey Belladonna - the high-pitched vocalist from their head-banging hey-day - the classic line-up including Scoot Ian, right, (minus diminutive guitarist Dan Spitz) are returning to Cardiff to relive the riotous memories of their 1987 Among The Living tour on which they first kicked the collective bottoms of the capital's long-haired music lovers.
Y cemegau gwenwynig ydi atropine - Atropa belladonna ydi ei enw gwyddonol o - a hyoscyamine.
The West End star is appearing as wicked fairy Belladonna in panto Jack And The Beanstalk before reprising her role as Paulette in Legally Blonde at the Liverpool Empire.
Touring behind "Worship Music," the band's first album in eight years (and the first with Joey Belladonna on vocals in 20 years), the 30-year-old rock `n' roll juggernaut sounds like a hell-spawn reborn, thanks in great part to the recent globe-stomping "The Big Four" tour that had Anthrax sharing the stage with other head-banging luminaries Slayer, Megadeth and old pals Metallica.