bell-shaped curve

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a symmetrical curve representing the normal distribution

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In valuing the first property, the appraiser estimated a standard deviation of $100,000 and assumed a normal bell-shaped curve distribution.
The men's histogram looks like a bell-shaped curve whereas the women's is a multimodal curve.
An example of this bell-shaped curve and deer antlers occurred a number of years ago under the direction of wildlife biologist Dr.
They are called normal because many natural distributions follow this familiar bell-shaped curve.
This theory suggests a bell-shaped curve rising from first discovery to peak and descending to depletion.
He proposed that the deer population response to urban development may be characterized like a bell-shaped curve.
In the late 1950s and early 1960s, Hubbert used a simple bell-shaped curve to forecast the annual rate of production in the lower 48 U.
My notes showed that tests such as these are "norm-referenced," designed so that the distribution of tests scores will reflect a bell-shaped curve.
For outpatients with bipolar depression, "I would probably shoot for 200-300 mg/day," but remember that proper dosing follows a bell-shaped curve, he said.
Diversity can often be represented by a bell-shaped curve of frequencies verses the extent of progressive views.
In other words, as reflected by a "normal" bell-shaped curve, the higher costs associated with some patients will be offset by the lower costs of others.
Antibody-dependent enhancement in FIPV demonstrates a bell-shaped curve with increasing dilutions; maximal enhancement occurs at subneutralizing titers (34).
The average age of menopause is 51 years, and [bone mineral density] at that age follows a bell-shaped curve of distribution.