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having a convex shape that resembles a bell

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An example of this bell-shaped curve and deer antlers occurred a number of years ago under the direction of wildlife biologist Dr.
The result is a bell-shaped distribution function of NPVs (i.
In both sets of experiments, much of the data agreed with Einstein and fell within the bell-shaped curve, but the team also observed unexpected movements of beads outside the prediction of the curve.
Single- and double-pendant lamps such as the Keule offer clean lines via a crystal, bell-shaped shade.
Key statement: A pneumatic tire suitable for competitive sports has a specified tread pattern comprising a central region and both shoulder regions, in which a plurality of bell-shaped wide-width main grooves each extended substantially bell-shapedly into both sides approximately centering on an equator of the tire are disposed in the tread at a given interval in the circumferential direction of the tire wherein the bell-shaped wide-width main groove has specified inclination angles in the central region and the shoulder region and specified groove width and groove depth, and a width of a connecting land portion at a position coming the bell-shaped wide-width main grooves closest to each other is not less than 1.
In spring it bears hanging, bell-shaped flowers in delicate, chequered shades of pink, purple or white.
And her designs, from cozy pillows to chic bell-shaped hats, are sure to inspire a similar addiction.
According to a bell-shaped curve, approximately 80% of your patients should be on "normal" doses and medication combinations.
THIS close relative of the bluebell should be starting to emerge now to produce starry bell-shaped flowers on its dark upright stems.
Adesso's Genie tall table lamp has a bell-shaped glass body and satin steel base.
Corsets constrict women's torsos, and long dresses over bell-shaped farthingales or bum rolls and petticoats hide and inhibit the legs.
He's trying to train vines to cover the rooftop fence so the red, bell-shaped flowers will attract hummingbirds.
The stainless-steel bell-shaped putter head has a small face with a hollowed-out bottom.
Twists Christmas Bell is a 215g bell-shaped container of individually wrapped filled chocolates, which transforms into a dispensing bowl for sharing.