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trousers with legs that flare

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Watching those movies, the bell-bottoms and bellsleeves was so much fun.
But while the average circumference of a bell-bottom in the Seventies was a whopping 26in, this time around the hemlines are much easier to manage.
Posed against a stained curtain, a slim young sailor-prince wearing high-waisted bell-bottoms, a cap printed with the Kodak logo, and extra-large sunglasses gazes off into an imaginary distance.
Like a moldering pair of bell-bottoms retrieved from a decrepit hamper, realpolitik is suddenly back in fashion and once again turning its sturdy, unapologetic mien upon a recalcitrant world.
Apply liberally and wear bell-bottoms and flicked hair for maximum impact.
Models donned ultra-feminine baggy bell-bottoms and razor cut trouser suits, along with white cotton denim and sexy transparent tops that will turn heads in the summer of 2000.
Aging particle physicists can relive the 1960s without squeezing into old bell-bottoms or blaring dusty Jimi Hendrix albums.
The costumes of bell-bottoms and bandeau tops suggest that the time period of 66 is '66, as does the prickly romanticism of the central duet for the commandingly sensual Julie Stahl and a perplexed Andrew Robinson, which concisely evokes the tensions of sixties feminism.
All the real duds from the past forty years have accumulated down there: wool pedal-pushers, polyester bell-bottoms, wide clip-on neckties.
Hip huggers, bell-bottoms, polyester leisure suits and Valerie Bertinelli's hair-wings, there's plenty about the 70s we would like to forget.
Retro bell-bottoms were introduced for girl dogs last year
Fans of the 1970s will be brushing up their bell-bottoms to welcome the original line-up of Eurovision sensations, Featuring more than 100 songs and themes (and of course a rousing rendition of Save All Your Kisses For Me) ( a sing-a-long will be purely irresistible.
Sleek, contemporary Manchester has transformed to rubble and smoke-belching factories; his smart suit has been replaced by bell-bottoms, a shirt with a flared collar and a macho leather jacket.
KATY WEITZ hauls on a pair of bell-bottoms and takes a nostalgic trip back in time to explore exactly why it was so fabulous.