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Synonyms for bell-bottomed

(of trousers) having legs that flare at the bottom

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Sharp dresser Sir Bradley, who wore a bell-bottomed suit, said: "I'm still shaking now.
Matthew Perry, who must have OD'd on Ben Affleck's orangy face tanner, hung out with his bell-bottomed gal pal Rachel Dunn, who hugged the former ``Friend'' while he smoked a cigarette.
Kipper ties, bell-bottomed trousers, medallions and fake chest hair were all on display.
A spokesman said: "The girls' exclusive D&G tour wardrobe will range from super-sexy, street-raider micro shorts paired with tight tops, romantic, see-through, chiffon baby-dolls, to hippy-style, bell-bottomed, flower power embroidered jeans and vests in an explosion of colour, glamour and funk
Footage of bell-bottomed idiots traipsing obliviously past mountains of uncollected London garbage (there was a strike on) unmistakably sets the scene.
In 1974, four unknown Swedes who had been knocking around as a band for a couple of years got onstage, wearing daft hats and ridiculous bell-bottomed trousers, and sang a silly song about Napoleon and love.
Following pet rocks and hula hoops and bell-bottomed pants, the Southern California high schools bring you the latest hot fad: passing leagues.
A fellow shopper revealed: "She was wearing this red velour hip-hugging, bell-bottomed, midriff-exposing sweatsuit, no make-up and no sunglasses.
AGOURA HILLS - The platform shoes and bell-bottomed pants of the 1970s will return to Agoura Hills this weekend.
There have been ``Nutcrackers'' on dirt bikes, ``Nutcrackers'' on skateboards, ``Nutcrackers'' decked out like bell-bottomed Barbie dolls.