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Synonyms for bell-bottom

(of trousers) having legs that flare at the bottom

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Jeanius cuts Dust off your flares - bell-bottoms are the silhouette of the season.
green beaded top with beige bell-bottom crinkle trousers and matching scarf from Nikki's boutique, pounds 150
where's my kipper tie, bell-bottom trousers and Jesus sandals?
Bell-bottom George, about Formby's film character having a girl in every port, might have been thought to have cast a slur on the Royal Navy, said Bret.
So remember, don't get rid of those orange satin bell-bottom trousers just yet - they could be back in fashion some day.
Dressed in Steven Powsner's bell-bottom costumes, Munisteri and four mod companions (Edna de Beer, Kristin McNutt, Kathryn Tufano, and Lisa Wheeler) pose, lunge, and spin before collapsing in a pile.
That man walking down the street with long black sideburns and a white fringe, bell-bottom jumpsuit may not only look like Elvis, he may in fact be Elvis.
Naomi Campbell has also been copying Charlie's Angels in a pair of bell-bottom jeans, platform shoes and a YSL waistcoat.
July 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Indoor tanning salons -- dismissed in the early 1980s as a craze destined to die with bell-bottom jeans -- have survived their infancy to carve a $2 billion niche in the American consumer market.
And in the west end of Glasgow, the property equivalent of bell-bottom trousers is being given a new airing.
In those bleak days, Davis was seemingly as out of touch with modern times as were his ``American Graffiti'' hair style and bell-bottom trousers.
MOJAVE - A school bond approved by local voters back when disco music and bell-bottom pants were popular will pay for an $840,000 renovation of 25-year-old Mustang Gym at Mojave High School.
Outside in the back yard, a dancer, two wrestlers, a medieval-looking lady holding a rose, a seated woman, a hippie girl with long hair and bell-bottom pants, and an English knight in armor keep watch over the garden, along with an iron bench with a back featuring a school of swimming fish.
With his bell-bottom pants and vest, Jar Jar looks to some like the latest in a long line of African-American stereotypes in movies.
Nearly 30 years after his death, Hendrix's guitar work, singing and songwriting still sound as fresh and exciting as they did in the patchouli-scented days of the bell-bottom era.