bell ringing

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Synonyms for bell ringing

the sound of someone playing a set of bells

persuasion of voters in a political campaign

playing a set of bells that are (usually) hung in a tower

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Present during the closing bell ringing ceremonies were PSE directors Wilson Sy, Amor Iliscupidez, Jesus Clint Aranas, Francis Chua, Eusebio Tanco, Vivian Yuchengco, Edgardo Lacson and Emmanuel Bautista; Ayala Corp.
Alan Trebble, 61, who lives at Newsome, started bell ringing at the age of 11 when he left junior school in Beverley.
The CSE would also make the bell ringing ceremony a regular feature by inviting special guests to perform this task.
Conversely, he reveals how some newcomers to his bell ringing classes are university students - many having chosen to study in Birmingham for its diverse array of churches - and how younger people pick up the basics with far greater ease.
I love belly dancing, but bell ringing with Alan is my main passion and it has to take priority.
Mr Hughes, who was bell tower captain at St Michael's, started bell ringing at the church at the age of eight or nine and became a popular figure.
Mr Bennett-Green, used to live in Heswall and was the bell ringer at St Peter's there for many years before moving to Chester For those who enjoyed his bell ringing they may be able to hearhim again soon after a church in Handbridge asked him to join their bell ringers
Now members of the parish want to raise money to get the bell ringing again.
To dynamic forces generated by bell ringing had to be added worst-case wind load.
Until he retired in 1985, Milbauer took his annual vacation during the holiday season to accommodate his bell ringing work.
Media escorted into the building for bell ringing 9:30 a.
Good fellowship and camaraderie are the hallmarks of the bell ringing team who are always ready to welcome newcomers.
LIVERPOOL Cathedral opens the doors to its bell ringing chamber tonight.
Bell ringers will be present to answer questions and demonstrate the art of English church bell ringing.