bell metal

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bronze with 3 or 4 parts copper to 1 part tin

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50 lakhs was provided to 280 nos of Bell Metal artisans, and Rs.
I imagine it's made from bell metal and has a lot of bronze and so on in it.
He's won a lot of races but he's been unlucky, he never gets his ground - he wants it bell metal fast.
Fine if that is what all want, but if it is to happen then the bond twixt Geordie manager and crowd has to be bell metal strong.
Forging, while effective when bell metal is at its peak temperature, quickly becomes destructive as the metal cools, fracturing the surface of the raw bell.
27) Another bell caster, Franz Schilling, lost all his stock to the Metal Board's confiscations; 25,000 kilograms of bells and bell metal were sent from his foundry to depositories in Ilsenburg.
Since most large Bells are cast in Bell metal, a nonrusting alloy of copper and tin, how odd that a steel Bell was chosen for rooftop use in such an unforgiving climate.
Across the Brahmaputra, around 40 km from Guwahati, visit Hajo for a peek into the lives of bell metal artisans.