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a bell-shaped glass cover used to protect and display delicate objects or to cover scientific apparatus or to contain gases

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Peacock jewelled wall clock, PS59, Isme Luca table, PS399, Elizabeth chairs, PS159 each, both Furniture Village; bell jar, PS12, M&S; wine glasses, PS2.
The masks resemble bell jars in shape and fit over the nose of the animal.
Violet anemone and hyacinth blooms, seeded eucalyptus, and green berries are displayed like rare specimens in bell jars below a winter wreath (visit sunset.
Visitors will also see orchids displayed in period bell jars and in the Wardian cases (miniature greenhouses) popular in the 1800s.
Common sights now include glass-front or gracefully aged Victorian display cases and delicate bell jars.
designer Cole of the clear bell jars he used as light fixtures for the formal dining room.
Showcase your quirky objects, and eclectic collections by placing them under glass bell jars and grouping them together in unexpected arrangements.
Top interior designers are now scrambling to incorporate similar ideas into their designs - a trend which David reckons will soon gain popularity in UK homes, even if people only grow tropical aquatic plants in bell jars on the windowsill.
Covering plants with bell jars, cloth or other materials that contains some resident heat overnight or the use of water-filled containers placed adjacent to plants so that their collected daytime heat is shared by plants can help.